800 square meter rooftop villa ordered to be removed


Photo source: Beijing Times

You may have found some tomatoes and small houses on rooftop space, we also have previous reported that a football was setup on rooftop of a supermarket mall in Central China’s Hunan Province. This time a 800 square meter villa is found in Beijing on the rooftop of a residence building!

According to online news, the villa owner is an University professor and the project lasted for 6 years! There are even trees and small manmade mountain! The construction continued despite other owners’ opposes. The affected household owners reported the issue to the city management as well as the community management office but all with no followup. Some believed that the owner of the villa had “strong background”.

Now the 6-year long illegal construction seems to come to an end with the city management of Haidian District release an order to remove the villa. So why the 6-year problem is fixed so easily today? It probably thanks to the Internet exposure and the power of media. Nowadays, Internet and convenience makes some historically silly problems never problems; mystery hides problems while publicity ends problems. The solutions are always there, but external forces are required to force the implementation.

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