8-year-old boy digged out the buried sister with bare hands

zhou ziyun
Zhou Zaiyun

In the Ms 7.0 earthquake in the Lushan county, Sichuan Province, a 8-year-old boy named Zhou Zaiyun digged out the buried sister with bare hands, with his brave move he was called as “Little Hero” by the neighbors.

20th April was a Saturday thus Zhou did not go to school in the morning of the 20th, and was playing on the couch with his sister when the earthquake suddenly came. His grandpa quickly picked up the little sister and running to the door. But they can’t make it out of the door and buried in the sands and rocks from the roof of the top while Zhou Zaiyun quickly hid in the toilet. And the shaking stopped, he saw his grandfather trying to remove the sands and rocks covering his body, and the sister was completely buried in the sand and in faint without any response.

The Zhou Zaiyun quickly ran over, knelt next to the sister, and tried to remove the rocks, “I just wanted to rescue sister, my sister and I usually play together.” While can’t find any tools, Zhou use only his hands. Also the fallen door scratched his left hand at this time, he can only his right hand to remove the rubble, gravel, wood until finally hearing his sister crying.

After being sent to the Lushan County People’s Hospital, the doctor said his sister was not badly hurt. 3 days after the earthquake, Zhou Zaiyun was sent to the tent of Chongqing Medical University Children’s Hospital. Liu Xing, the hospital doctor, told the media: “when the child was sent here, one of the right hand nail bed has infection injury, the injured fingers were all black, other fingers also had wounds. The infection may lead to osteomyelitis, or even the whole finger infection and necrosis.”

Now his biggest wish is that schools can be reopened as soon as possible and play with the classmates.

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