Ms 7.0 earthquake in Ya’an Sichuan

14:30, April 24:

According to the news release of the website of the China Seismological Bureau, as at 14:30 on the 24th, the Ms 7.0 earthquake in Ya’an Sichuan caused a total of 196 people killed, 21 people missing and 11,470 injured.

08:02, April 23:

Ms 7.0 earthquake in Ya'an Sichuan

The Ms 7.0 earthquake in Ya’an Sichuan has caused 193 people killed, 25 people missing, and 12,211 people injured.

China National Energy said in a news release that Yaan earthquake had caused interruptions of power supply for 186,600 households, the power supply has been resumed for 179,600 households, the recovery rate of 96.2%.

17:00, April 22:

According to the Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs website news, the Ya’an earthquake has caused 189 people were killed, 12,211 injured, 608,000 transferred in emergency. Affected areas include 19 cities and 115 counties covering more than 1.99 million.

By 2012 April 22, 2011, the Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Department has received contributions amounted 21,536,300 yuan (US $344,580), Sichuan Charity Federation has received donations amounted 48,527,500 yuan (US $776,440).

03:00, April 22:

Up to now, the earthquake caused a death toll of 188, 25 people missing, 11,460 people injured.

17:05, April 21:

At 17:05 on April 21, China Earthquake Networks recorded a Ms 5.4 earthquake, focal depth 17 kmin in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province (30.3 degrees north latitude, 103.0 degrees east longitude).

15:00, April 21:

yaan site yaan site2

According to CCTV News, as of 15:00 today, the earthquake caused a total of 186 people died and 21 were missing and 11,393 people were injured including 968 seriously injured.

10:30, April 21:

Message from the China Seismological Bureau, as of 10:30 today, the Ms 7.0 earthquake happened in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province caused a total of 193 people killed or missing and 10,574 injured.

00:40, April 21:

According to the China Seismological Bureau, as of 0:40 on April 21, the Ms 7.0 earthquake happened in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province caused a total of 160 death.

Ya’an City: a total of 145 people died, 16 people missing, injured 6,700 people;

Deyang City, 2 deaths,

Chengdu: a total of 8 deaths,

Aba Xiaojin: 1 person killed,

Meishan City: 1 person killed,

Ganzi State: a total of 3 death.

21:00, April 20:


According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs website news, as of 21:00 today, statistical reporting shows that 156 people were killed (141 in Ya’an, 8 in Chengdu, 1 in Meishan City, 2 in Deyang City, 3 in Ganzi and 1 in Aba), 5 missing (all in Ya’an City), over 5,700 people were injured (more than 5,500 in Ya’an City), a large number of houses have been collapsed or damaged.

16:22, April 20:
According to the China Seismological Bureau, as of 16:22 this afternoon, the earthquake death toll rose to 100 people, more than 2,000 people injured, cumulative 38.3 million people were affected. Currently, disaster data is subject to further verification.

10:15 am, April 20:
Ya’an earthquake had killed 37 people and more than 600 wounded.

10:07 am, April 20:
A netizen named “Li column” issued through the microblogging the information looking for help: “help help! About a thousand of college students have been doing sketching in Ya’an, we’ve been stuck here as the bridge is broken. Weather today and tomorrow will be cloudy with small rain, we are surrounded by mountains, mudslides may happen, it is very dangerous, please forward this message.”

08:31 am, April 20:

At 08:31 another 4.2 scaled earthquake occurred near Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province (30.5 degrees north latitude, 103.0 degrees east longitude). According to the Sichuan Online reporter Song Dan, that soon after the earthquake many people went downstairs and gathered around. There are a lot of people wearing pajamas and also a bare-chested man. A man said: “I ran down from the 30th floor and it was miserable.” The public have started to gather in the streets.

08:02 am, April 20:


According to the China earthquake network measuring, at 8:02 am Beijjng time on the April 20th, 2013 in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province (latitude 30.3, longitude 103.0) a Ms 7.0 earthquake occurred, focal depth is 13 km. The sense of earthquake was strong in the capital city of Chengdu, and varying degree of shaking was sensed in adjacent cities such as Chongqing, Xi’an, Guiyang. Damages and casualty is still unknown. Soldiers and armed police had been sent for the earthquake relief.

Ya’An profile

Chinese name: Ya’an (雅安)
Alias: City of rain
Area: Southwest China
Administered the region: Yucheng District, Lushan County
Government location: Yucheng District
Area: 15,314 square kilometers
Population: 153 million
Telephone area code: 0835
Postal Code: 625000
Location: at the intersection of Sichuan-Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan
Climate: Subtropical humid climate

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