6.6-meter tide attacked hundreds of tourists watching the Qiantang River Tide









Affected by Severe Tropical Storm Trami (潭美), the famous Qiantang River Tide was even more spectacular than in the usual days. Yesterday, a tide with a height of 6.6 meters attacked hundreds of tourists who came to watch the scenery. Fortunately, no casualty was caused. But based on the past experiences, there is still great danger to get too closed to the Qiantang River Tide as the strong tides may come at anytime.

Introduction of of Qiantang River Tide

Qiantang River is the biggest in Zhejiang Province, running from the west to Hangzhou Bay in the east. It serves as a river hinge, playing an important role in the water-transportation between the east and the west. The soaring tide of the Qiantang River is such a marvelous spectacle that only the Amazon River’s surging tide rivals it! Annually, millions of people from both home and abroad flock there to watch the magnificent tide on the eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month (also around the Mid-Autumn Day). When the surging tide comes, the water can rise up to a height of 30 feet and the noise it generates sounds like thunder, or thousands of horses running. Various activities will also be held to celebrate the annual Tide – Watching Festival, according to local custom.

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