31 pig species are endangered and threatened with extinction in China

Zhejiang Jinhua pig2

Zhejiang Jinhua pig1
The Zhejiang Jinhua Pig is endangered (the famous Jinhua ham is made of pork of Zhejiang Jinhua Pig)

According to the second National Survey of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources, eight local pig breeds have not bee found such as the Hengjing Pigs while other four species had already been identified as extinct such as Xiangcheng Pigs and Shenxiang Pigs.

Even among the existing local breeds, their genetic diversity is also greatly reduced. Former Secretary of Pig Branch of China Institute of Veterinary, Chen Qingming introduced, many local varieties face sharp decline in the number of sows, and in some species the boars are extinct. Statistics show that in China 85% of the local breeds are facing population decline, among which 31 species are endangered and threatened with extinction.

Source: 瞭望东方周刊

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