300 acres of farmland destroyed by government, villagers knelt down and cried



In the end of May 2013, a local government led “farmland destroy”(also known as wheat destroy) event happened in Quzhou County, Handan City, Hebei Province.

Whether it was the wheat which will be harvested within 10 days, fruiting tomatoes or vegetables in greenhouses, more than 300 acres of farmland had been destroyed by bulldozers hired by the local government. The government claimed the action was to “reserve the land”.

According to villagers, the government forcibly occupied the farmland from more than 160 households in the Fuming Village and by force, and tried to make the land as “reserved”. On May 26, 2013, 13 villagers went to Beijing to petition, they went to the Ministry of Land Resources, State Bureau for Letters, but three days later their farmland (mostly wheat were grown there) was been destroyed.

It is learned that regarding the land requisition, local farmers have not been told the future use of the land, nor have they received or shown the land expropriation documents.

Source: Xinhua Net

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