3.4 million vehicles to be recalled globally by Japanese auto manufacturers, two recall plans in China released


The steering wheel of a Toyota car which contains an airbag is pictured in Vienna

Airbag of a Toyota vehicle

According to Reuters, the four Japanese car manufacturers, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda due to airbags hazards announced a collective global recall of 3.4 million vehicles, these airbags are provided by Takata, a Japanese auto parts manufacturer. According to the said four car manufactures, specific recall numbers (worldwide) are: 1.73 million by Toyota, 1.14 million by Honda, 0.48 million by Nissan and 45,500 by Mazda.

Toyota spokesman Shino Yamada said in a telephone interview today in Tokyo, Toyota’s worldwide recall of 1.73 million vehicles is including the Corolla and Camry, 580,000 in North America, 490,000 in Europe, 320,000 in Japan and 340,000 in the other regions. Because of concerns about the airbag gas generator failure which will result in the front seat airbag to opening abnormally or activate the automatic seat belt restraint devices.

Toyota spokesman also said: There is no injury to any person or deaths have been reported.

Honda Motor (China): 2,312 vehicles to be recalled in China


Toyota CRV

Recently, Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. submitted the recall program to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for the record planning that since May 11, 2013, the company would recall the following defected Honda vehicles within the scope of the recall due to the vehicle’s passenger airbags may fail under accidents. According to the company’s statistics, the recall is involving a total of 2,312 in mainland China:

1,096 nos of imported Civic (manufactured from April 20, 2000 to June 5, 2002;

737 nos of imported stream (manufactured from April 10, 2001 to May 9, 2003;

479 nos of imported CR-V (manufactured from March 13, 2002 to May 13, 2003;

Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Honda or authorized service shop will notify the relevant customers by mail, telephone, etc. the free parts replacement within the recall scope will start on May 11, 2013.

Toyota: 5,032 VIOS vehicles to be recalled in China


Toyota VIOS

Recently, Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of the “defective auto product recall management regulations” submitted a recall report to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine with the decision to recall 5,032 VIOS vehicles manufactured from October 23, 2002 to April 15, 2003.

Given that the vehicles have been used for a long time, in order to protect the rights and interests of the existing owners, FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. will publish the notice in the mainstream media, and invite the relevant owners to go the nearest service shop for repairmen.

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