257 Chinese colleges and universities renamed in five years, “Technology” and “Finance” become popular words

“Go to University Network(上大学网)” recently released “2008-2013 List of Universities with Name Changes as Approved by the Ministry of Education”, the list showed that since March 2008, a total of 257 institutions of higher learning were approved by the Ministry of Education to change their school names, accounting for 10.35% of the total number of colleges and universities in Chian. New school names reflect that some popular key worlds are more welcomed such as science and technology, finance, industry and commerce, economic and other words.

Science and technology, finance, industry and commerce, arts and science, economy become hit words in the newly renamed school names, for example Jiangxi Blue Sky University was changed to Jiangxi Institute of Science in February 2012. The name changes of these colleges and universities caused widespread concern in society.

Source: 中国青年报

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