A 23-year old man killed his friend due to the later had better economic conditions

April 25, a 23-year old man, Lee, was executed. The tragedy brings damage to the two families which is difficult to be erased. Yesterday, a Director of the Public Prosecution of the City Procuratorate said: “Lee killed his friend merely because of his friend had a better family economy condition and a better job, his motive of killing worths our further thinkings.”

Psychological imbalance due to economic condition differences

According Lee’s confession, in the morning of May 15, 2012, the victim, Kuang, went to a rental room to visit Lee, and then sleep in Lee’s bed after surfing the internet using Lee’s laptop.

Sitting on the bed, Lee thought of status of Kuang, feeling that Kuang had much better economic conditions because of his family and Kuang had a better job in a public institution. He was so jealous when he though of his status: low-income and living a streeful life. He felt there was no future, and decided to kill his friend. Subsequently, Lee killed Kuang and dismembered the dead body.

Expert: Positive and healthy mental education shall be enhanced

Member of the Chinese Psychological Society, psychological counseling expert Chen Zhilin, suggested that the defendant in this case, Lee’s mental capacity was too weak, he was self-centered, and did not know how to correctly handle the social relationships.

Chen Zhilin recommended parents that they should set the right example to the children and avoid frequent comparison between their children and other children and establish the correct values​​, correct understanding of all aspects of their abilities and develop a positive and healthy attitude, which is very important. And at the same time, schools should strengthen education in this area.

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