21% of respondents are not satisfied with overall water quality

The 2013 (11th) Strategic Forum on Water Sector was held in Beijing from 12 to 13 April, organizer “Water Network” released the “China’s 70 urban water supply service satisfaction index” survey which showed that in 2012, among the 7 service indicators such as price of water, stability, water quality evaluating the industry performance, the lowest satisfaction is found on the water quality.

Satisfaction of Water Supply in China (2013)

In order to understand the views of users and measure the overall satisfaction of the users of the water supply services industry; the Water Network survey customers from 70 cities across the country. The survey results show that out of 750 points in the evaluation system, the highest user satisfaction is with the stability of the water supply, 519.34 points, scores of payment method, pricing and customer service satisfaction are 513.52 points, 487.48 points and 486.99 points respectively. Scores of enterprise communication and customer satisfaction are 469.62 points and 440.09 points respectively; the lowest degree of satisfaction of users is with water quality which is only 437.62 points. The overall service satisfaction index is 479.02 points.

Reference Link: http://news.h2o-china.com/html/2013/04/115642_1.shtml

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