2013 Q1 vehicle sales growth more than 10%, better than expected

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According to the Tecent Auto News, on the afternoon of April 11, 2013, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released the first quarter data of the National Automotive Industry. In March, the auto production and sales situation is improved with monthly sales being more than 2 million, a record high. Most models see a higher level of production and sales last month, which is better than the same period last year. From January to March, the vehicle sales growth was more than 10% compared to same period in 2012, better than expected, and it lays a good foundation for stable annual sales growth in the whole year of 2013.

Q1 general production and sales overview in China

In March, the automobile production reached a total number of 2,085,200, a growth of 54.76% compared to Feb, an increase of 10.88% compared to the same period last year; sales reached 2,035,100, a growth of 50.22% compared to Feb, an increase of 10.69% compared to same period in 2012.

Reference Link: http://auto.qq.com/a/20130411/000213.htm

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