2013 Global Mobile Security Report: The world’s highest mobile virus infection rate found in China

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Consolidated Report by ChinaAbout.net: Recently,  the mobile security vendor NetQin released the “2013 Global Mobile Security Report” which showed that for the first half of this year, the mobile security situation is more serious in mainland of China with the world’s highest mobile virus infection rate found in Chinese mobile phone users.

Based on statistics of NetQin’s “cloud security” monitoring platform, 51,084 hostile mobile apps were identified in the first half of 2013, an increase of 189%; 21,020,000 phone users were affected, an increase of 63.8%. In particular, the number of hostile mobile was growing rapidly with 9,619 hostile apps found in June.

Geographically speaking, on a global scale mainland of China was ranked no.1 in term of the mobile virus infection rate with 31.71% of mobile phone being affected by hostile app or mobile virus following by Russia (17.15%) and India (10.38%), the U.S. (6.53%). Domestically speaking, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Sichuan and Fujian were ranked as the top five. These five provinces / city are the most developed areas in China.

NetQin Chief Security Officer Yan Ting said that one important reason why China is the top country being affected by hostile apps is that jailbreak is very common in China but such behavior is prohibited in other countries. According to him, last year, the domestic iOS system jailbreak rate was 42%, while a jailbreak rate of 80% was found in Android phones which worth 4,000 or below.

The rapid expansion of the smart phone industry and market in China

According to forecast of the research firm Trendforce, as of the end of 2013, global shipments of smart phones is expected to reach 930 million. Those within 150 and 450 dollar price range (about RMB 900-2700 yuan) with reasonable price and provision of functions meeting the user’s ordinary entertainment needs will win bigger market share.

Thanks to the expanding domestic market, Chinese brands smart phone shipments surged by 44 percent compared with same period last year. Meanwhile the four major domestic brands, i.e. Huawei (华为), ZTE (中兴), Lenovo (联想), Coolpad (酷派) receive enhanced international awareness and exhibit eye-catching performance in South Asia, Eastern Europe and other emerging markets. What’s more, for the second quarter of this year, Huawei was ranked third in the world in term of smart phone shipments.

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