2013 French Mahjong (麻将) Championship ended successfully in France


The 2013 French Mahjong (麻将) Championship ended recently in Toulouse, France. 108 players from nine countries participated the game. Chinese team “University United” won the 4th place and “Xi’an Team” was ranked seventh, the French teams won all the top three places.


In all contestants, the youngest male athlete was 20-year-old Chinese student in school, and the youngest female player was France’s 14-year-old student, the oldest was a French veteran who was over 80.

The so called “quintessence of Chinese culture,” mahjong as a sport and entertainment activity is booming in the globe. It is learned that the beginning of mahjong outside of China was first in Thomas – Jefferson Middle School in Arlington, Virginia, a teacher named Te Weilin taught the children how to play the mahjong, and these children became crushed on this game, and often forgo lunch time and played mahjong instead.

Source: 腾讯体育(qq.com)

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