2013 Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu: Volvo factory in Chengdu to start operation in the end of 2013

On June 6, Geely Holding Group Chairman, Chairman of Volvo Car, Li Shufu told the Tencent Finance that regarding the Volvo factory project, he does not worry about the approval problems and he believes all the necessary requirements for approval will be met before the start of production.


Earlier, Volvo revealed that the company’s Chengdu plant was scheduled to open in the fourth quarter with an annual capacity of 120,000 cars and will hire 1,100 employees. The first model to be produced will be Volvo S60L.

In this year, the Volvo China maintains a high growth rate. In particular, the total Volvo sales in May reached 4,415 units, an increase of 24.4% in a single month. The cumulative total sale from January to May has reached 22,905 units, an increase of 26.9%, far exceeding the average growth rate of China’s luxury car market. The growth rate also makes China become the world’s fastest growing market of Volvo cars.

Source: Tencent Finance

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