2013 Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu-Dalian Wanda: “Iron Man 3” shows no respect to the Chinese market

On morning of June 6 CCTV Financial Channel and “Fortune” Global Forum jointly organized the “Global Business Transfer” forum, Wang Jianlin, chairman of Dalian Wanda Group criticized the “Iron Man” as showing no respect to Chinese consumers and the Chinese market.

Wang Jianlin, said: “I think it is fundamental to get adapted to the emerging markets and respect the market and the local consumer, only then business could be successful. The ‘Iron Man 3’ shows precisely the lack of respect for the Chinese market, which is an error. The Chinese film market is developing very fast in recent years, and I had a speech two years ago talking about the North America market including Canada had about $ 10 billion box office; and I said in 2017, and no later than 2018, the Chinese box office will surpass the North America; and in 2022, the Chinese market will be twice as that of the U.S. Thus you see DreamWorks has come to China and we are now negotiating with some of the United States top five film companies in respect of forming joint venture companies. At the same time, the Chinese elements in American movies are also increasing.”

“But some U.S. companies show their pride and dominance, they picked up two Chinese actors to play some unimportant roles and what is even more stupid is that they delete the Chinese roles while the films are on screen in the North American market. These companies must fail with such attitude.” He said.

Source: Tencent (qq.com)

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