2012 Chinese Language UsageReport released: China Dream becomes hot word

According to Voice of China “CNR News” report, the Ministry of Education today (the 5th) held a press conference this morning and released the “2012 Language Usage Report in China.”

At today’s conference, the Ministry of Education Language Information Management Division, deputy director Tian Lixin introduced the basic situation of language usage in China in 2012. Along with some of the important annual events and hot topics, a batch of hot words and new words have been created which recorded China and the world in the last year.

Among them, some positive political words attract everyone’s attention. Among them, the first word is the “China Dream”, and the second word is “Beautiful China”. Other words include ecological civilization, three self-confidence, maritime power, cultural power and so on. They transmit positive energy in the Chinese society.

Source: CNR

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