200 million urban residents do not own city household registration in China

China Association of Mayors yesterday released the “China Urban Development Report 2012” in Beijing according to which as of the end of 2012, China’s urbanization rate has reached 52.57%, meaning to say that more than half of the population in China live in towns and cities. Experts warned that the government should be alert to the “pseudo-urbanization” phenomenon.

“China Urban Development Report” is published annually since 2001, it is comprehensive annual report representing the authoritative study of urban development system in China.

Report noted that despite the current high urbanization rate (52.57%), according to Ministry of Public Security, non-agricultural household population accounted for 34.17% of the total population of in 2010. Compared with the number of the sixth national census, the population with non-agricultural household registration is less by 15.51 percentage points or 205.94 million.

Deputy editor of the report, the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University professor, Mao Qizhi said that the current progress of China’s urbanization could be “pseudo-urbanization” mainly due to the 200 million people who are living in the cities but do not hold city household registration and these people receive differentiated treatment in term of education, health care, social security and other fields. Such gaps are the main problems to be solved in the next step.

Source: 京华时报

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