A 2-cm long centipede was taken out from a man’s ear, who passed out right away

centipede ear

In Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Mr. Che woke up but felt pain in his ears then he went to the hospital to check and a centipede was found.
It is understood that when doctor stretched it out with a cotton swab for checking, a 2-cm long centipede crawled out after looking at which Mr. Che immediately passed out. Currently, Mr. Che was still in the hospital for further observation.
The doctors said Mr. Che’s passing out was likely due to psychological reasons. The centipede crawling into the human ear may scratch the ear canal causing skin damage. The doctor reminded the public that with the arrival of summer, more pests will show up. Once any insects crawling into the ears, one shall immediately go to the hospital and the doctor will remove the insects.

Source: 中国江苏网

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