17 people were jailed for transnational smuggling of bullets and guns


In early 2010, Wang Ting met an American Chinese Linzhi Fu (who has been put under police custody in the US) through Internet. The two agreed to transport some firearms and bullets to Taizhou, Zhejiang Province where Wang Ting stayed. And then Wang Ting sold the guns and bullets to domestic buyers in China.

Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court yesterday sentenced death penalty to the defendant Wang Ting (implementation to be carried out after two years) as well as deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscated all his personal property. The charge was guilty of smuggling, trafficking, trading and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.

Court judgment also awarded 15 years to 1 year and 7 months in prison to the other 16 people based on their crimes. One of them received a fine of a hundred thousand yuan; all weapons and ammunition have been confiscated. It is learned that many of them had served as the companies’ legal representative, chief financial officers and they were involved because of the love of military interests (purchase of guns and bullets).

The court said, guns and ammunition are lethal and destructive bringing great risks to the society once diffused. Therefore, China has very strict gun control laws. He warned those who like to play with guns and ammunition, that guns and ammunition are like high-voltage wire as set by Chinese laws, that no one shall touch.

Source: ChinaNews

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