15 years after jailbreaking, a man turned himself in

15 years after jailbreaking,  a man turned himself in

August 12, 1996 is the day that Gan would forever remember on which he used a nail to jailbreak out of a detention in Zhejiang Province and began the life of running. In the next 15 years, he changed his name, made a fake identity, got married, have children and even started a small company. But, just when everything seemed calm, Gan suddenly walked into the police station and surrendered to police.
“After escaping from the detention center, I put the August 12 (day of jailbreaking) as my new birthday.” Gan said, because of the fear of the police he dared not contact his families for more than a decade, even in 2005 when his old father died he did not dare to go home.
After the jailbreak, Gan fled to Guangzhou, and made a fake ID. After staying in Guangzhou for about six months, he fled to Fujian and got a job in helping the contractors to transport the cement in the construction sites. A few months later, Gan went back to Zhejiang and became a factory worker. He married a worker in the facotry but dared not get a marriage certificate because his ID is fake. In the summer of 1999, the couple welcomed their first child. Subsequently, Gan confessed to his wife regarding the fake ID and his story.
In order to get his wife and children a stable life, Gan opened a machinery company using his savings. With growth of the business, the number of employees has increased to more than 30 people with an annual turnover of more than 2 million yuan and profit over 300 thousand yuan.
With the growing up of the two children, especially that the eldest son is already 15 years old but they do not have a hukou (户口,residence booklet) because of his fake ID. After thinking over and over again, Gan, decided to surrender. September 9, 2011, 15 years after the jailbreak, he walked into the police station and turned himself in.

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