14 years later, Lang Ping reappointed as coach of China Women’s National Volleyball team


Today the National Volleyball Association held a news conference to formally announce Lang Ping as head coach of China Women’s National Volleyball team, it is her return to the national women’s volleyball team coach position since 1999. Meanwhile, Lang Ping has also become China’s first person being the coach of the national team and coach of a club at the same time.

After the Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball coach Chen Zhonghe left. And during the following 4 years of London Olympic cycle, the Chinese women’s volleyball team had experienced three times of coaching changes. But the results were not as good as people expected.

In the past month, speculations about the new women’s volleyball coach had been the focus of attention of the media and fans. Candidates included: Chen Zhonghe, Lang Ping, Cai Bin, Lai Yawen and Wu Sheng. Through the evaluations of the coaching ability, team leading experience, willingness, as well as a comprehensive assessment by the expert group, Lang Ping won the offer.

Lang is known as the legend of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, she was one of the core members of China Women’s National Volleyball team during its most successful period. After retirement, Lang Ping coached in the United States, Italy, and later coached the Italian club and achieved good results.

Lang Ping’s coaching style and her style of play is consistent and with features like solid training, skills oriented, and dedicated work. In addition, Lang Ping also has sufficient coaching experience overseas, and a better understanding on the world volleyball development trends, she also has very strong charisma, self-confidence and bold.

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