100,000 people called on the United States to expel Zhu Ling case suspect

Photo of Zhu Ling taken 19years ago

Zhu Ling is now at her 40 with 100% paralysis, almost blind, brain retardation, weighted 100 kg and suffering from loss of language skills.

On May 3, a petition was raised on the White House website to call on the United States to expel Zhu Ling case suspect. On May 6, the number of users who had signed the petition was over 100,000 people. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the United States, when number of signatures reached 100,000, the White House would need to response to the petition.

The petition sponsor wrote on the White House website: “Zhu Ling, Tsinghua University student was deliberately poisoned twice with deadly chemical thallium between 1994 and 1995, which led to its permanent paralysis. There are indications that his roommate Sun, had the opportunity to get this deadly chemicals and there is also information showing that Sun had changed its name and entered into the United States through fraud marriage. In order to protect the safety of our citizens, we call upon the Government to carry out an investigation, and expel Sun.”

Many of the signature supporters are Chinese. According to reports, the suspect in White House website petition letter was referred to the suspect Sun was Zhu Ling’ roommate and the full name is Sun Wei. Earlier reports said the public security organs had removed Sun from the suspect list in 1998.

Sun was in the same dormitory with Zhu Ling, the police identified her as the only one who could legally obtain the thallium salt and was closed with Zhu Ling. After a thorough investigation, the police official recognized her ad poisoning suspect. Sun Wei’s grandfather and held important positions with a prominent family background which is considered the reason the investigation can not be successfully carried out.

Source: Zhengzhou Evening Post (郑州晚报)

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